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Jumat, 10 Desember 2010 - 10:22:09 WIB
Doctorate Achieved Through Mind Map Applications In Foreign Geography Lesson In Senior High School
Diposting oleh : Dewi Turgarini,S.S. MM.Par
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Doctoral degree in Curriculum Development Studies Program, achieved by DR. Ahmad Yani, M. lecturer FPIPS Geography Education Programs Education University of Indonesia. The work of his dissertation was "Development of Meaningful Learning Model to Increase Students Through the Power of Reason Mind Map Application in Geography Lesson in high school." Quite interesting when digging a profile of the doctor who has a commitment in the field of curriculum developers in the field of Geography.

"Learning geography in high school is still facing the problem of difficulty in linking between concepts learned geography. I see the need for meaningful learning is an alternative learning model to improve students' reasoning through the application of mind map on the subjects of geography. This application shows the advantage, first because  to appreciate the experience or prior knowledge of students who may be dug before the learning process. Second opening opportunities for students to make connections between concepts. Third  can open the media opportunities that can help record the process of connecting concept. Fourth through the excavation of concepts, experience of group influence on the formation of new knowledge of individual students. Fifth mind map can be used as evidence in the same position with the achievement test results are objective and essay. Finally the effectiveness of learning meaningful learning through the application of mind map is determined by the level of teachers' skills in asking questions in kelas.   Through these advantages it appears a number of implications in the learning of geography that is the first necessity of adjustment of packing material from the structural sequence to be concentric-spiral sequences. Second  models should provide an ideal mind map that serves as a guide for teachers when teaching. Third assessment formats need to manufacture the power of reason because the mind map is a portfolio of student learning outcomes. "Said the man who came from the village of Brebes Losari Negla District of Central Java is.

He recommended that the teachers who will use the model of meaningful learning through the application of mind map, first need to facilitate the implementation of the learning model, with the understanding level of students' prior knowledge, limiting the concept to be developed. Thus the concept can be understood by students. Second  students are expected to follow the flow of thought that are being developed, and realized that the connection between the concept is something that is logical. Third seeks to raise students' motivation, so that with a fun situation to survive following student learning through to completion. Fourth teachers and schools need to design a curriculum that is written and also designed the implementation of the hidden curriculum in school culture. The form of course can be designed through the park maintenance activities at schools, field trips, collection or collection of rock types, environmental photo contest, and others. "

"It is on my mind that geography curriculum in Indonesia have a" spirit ", which can foster a sense of gratitude to Allah SWT for Indonesia's natural wealth, to foster love of country character, played an active role in maintaining national unity and integrity, use natural resources wisely, and while maintaining environmental sustainability. " the ultimate exposure of Geography lecturer who is active as a member of the Curriculum Development Association of Indonesia (HIPKIN), and the Association of Indonesian Geographers (IGI).

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